Westin LED Mounting Bracket 39326 Westin offers three mounting methods for LED Lights side mount clamps, side mount brackets, and bottom mounts. Choose side mount LED Bar Clamps for mounting LED Lights or Light Bars to products with a straight round bar mounting area such as a grille guard, or bull bar. Bar Clamps come in sets of 2 in three different sizes 1.5 in, 1.75 in, 2 in. For a heavy duty use, we also offer side mount HD Bar Clamps that are designed to mount LED Lights on a straight or a radiused round bar, such as a light bar, in three diameters 2 in, 2.5 in, and 3 in. Choose LED Bottom Mounts for mounting 09 12231 series single row LED Light Bars to a flat surface. Mounting method will vary by LED Light type. Bar ClampBlackAluminumBolt onHardware is includedEasy to installLimited lifetime warrantyCalifornia Residents WARNING $5.99

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